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  1. Do you know about Spicy Sriracha Thailand Sauce?

    Do you know about Spicy Sriracha Thailand Sauce?

    How Sriracha Chilli Spicy Sauce originated?

    Sriracha is a small city of Chonburi province in Thailand. Sriracha province is located near the ocean ie, bay of Thailand. In olden days, people of Sriracha were depend on seafood which was easily available in their vicinity. Barbequed seafood needs some sauce to eat with full of taste. Sriracha has abundance of yellow and red chili with peculiarity of their sweeties and spicy taste. People stared produceding home made Sriracha chilli sauce to eat their seafood. This is the way people of Srirach people started producing Sriracha chilli Spicy yellow and red sauces. Mostly homemade chilli sauce is originated from Sriracha province of Thailand.

    Sriracha sauce ingredients consists of Sriracha chilli (red/yellow), Garlic, Sugar, vineger etc. 

    Made in Thailand



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  2. What is Ginseng Plus Instant Coffee?

    What is Ginseng Plus Instant Coffee?

    How to reduce stress in a natural way?

    Coffee with Ginseng is know for its anti-aging properties. Ginseng coffee reduces stress and fatigue. It also called Ginseng plus or, Healthy Coffee. Ginseng coffee is a balanced mixture of East & West. Super ginseng coffee is made of Ginseng, Sugar, creamer, and instant coffee. It is an instant ready to drink healthy coffee for your enriched day. Super Ginseng coffee is available in pack of 20 sachet of 20 grams each ie, 400 gms per pack and use for 20 serving Ginseng plus drink.

    Made in Thailand

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