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What is the Guarantee?

We want you to buy with confidence anytime you purchase products on the (Seller) website. That is why we guarantee purchases from website. You have 30 days money back guarantee from excluding shipping charges. To avail this benefit you should be a registered member of

After you have read carefully through the following important guidelines, click below to submit your claim.

When is a buyer covered under the Guarantee?

  1. The buyer purchased physical goods from website. NOTE: The following items are not covered by the Guarantee: payments for services, electrical & electronic merchandise, cash equivalent instruments (if any).
  2. The buyer made payment to the via Paypal or, any other option accepted by seller and not delivered the item; and
  3. The buyer received the item, but the item was materially different than as depicted in the description.

 When is a product "materially different" than what advertised?

If has clearly misrepresented the condition or, details of an item in a way that affects its value or utility, it is "materially different" and that we should be willing to offer a refund or exchange within 30 days of shipment. Incase of refund, you will receive money back with 30 days of goods received to us excluding shipping charges.

Items are considered "materially different" in these circumstances:

  • Wrong version or edition not mutually agreed
  • Wrong item
  • Missing parts or components
  • Defective item before despatch
  • Damaged item before despatch

When submitting Guarantee claim with the reason "materially different," you will need to select one of the reasons above and provide comments explaining why the item you received is materially different from the item you purchased.

Please note that this does not extend to cases where you are simply disappointed with an item. We will ultimately determine material difference at our discretion.

What are the requirements of the Guarantee?

  • The item must be purchased from website.
  • Buyer must be a member of
  • If you have received a materially different or, malfunction item, you must contact the within fourteen (14) days of receipt to request return information via email with our reference order number.
  • Purchased item is not malfunction or, damaged during shipping/transport.
  • If your item becomes defective more than 30 days past the shipment receipt date and it is under warranty, you must contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement (wherever it is applicable).
  • Buyers are limited to a lifetime maximum of five claims for purchases from website.
  • You must provide the required information on the guarantee claim form.

How much coverage will buyers receive?

Buyers who pay for website are eligible to receive up to US $200 of the purchase price.

How do I file a claim?

If you made the purchase through the website, you can easily submit a complaint by viewing the specific order details via your Account detail or, confirmation email received from us after purchase. Send an email referring specific order number.

What happens after submitting a claim?

For purchase through the website, you will receive emails from us for progress of your claim.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during the processing period, as we may contact you for additional information. We may also attempt to contact OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to encourage him or her to work directly with you to resolve the problem.

Are all purchases backed by the Guarantee?

Yes. If you meet the conditions above, you're covered!

What does it cost?

Buyers are covered at no cost. We're committed to creating a safe buying experience on the website. If you have additional questions about the Guarantee, please contact us.

What countries are covered by the Guarantee?

This guarantee is covered for any country where buyer received the goods. This is an unique offer by

How do I cancel a pending claim?

Buyers can contact us to indicate that the transaction has been resolved or, simply reply to our initial claim confirmation e-mail. If a resolution has been reached after a claim check has already been sent, please contact us to arrange for repayment.