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3 in 1 Infrared Massager Ultrasound Ultrasonic Skin Slimming Beauty Instrument

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Infrared Ultrasound Ultrasonic Skin Slimming Beauty Instrument massager


3-in-1 massager (Ultrasonic, infrared & EMS) can rejuvenate skin Slim and tone body and relief body pain and muscle fatigue Effective Ultrasonic Facial and Body Massager EMS ( low frequency): a dispersed fat accumulation, the consumption of fat 8-12nm infrared, especially close to the human body's infrared frequency, can promote blood circulation, accelerate the new supersedes the old 1000000/ second ultrasound massage: introduction to lose weight element, tighten the slippery skin Diameter of 57mm stainless steel head : the role of large area EMS massage strength: 5 stalls, intimate design, meet personal preferences EMS simulation of5 types of traditional Chinese medicine therapy: massage, slimming, kneading, flapping, acupuncture tolerance principle

Package Included: 1 x Main Device 1 x AC Adapter 2 x Contact Pads with Wires 1 x User Manual

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