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Rice Cooker - Sharp (5L KSH D55)

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"Big Sharp Rice Cooker is a new production lot direct from source ie, Thailand."
Cheapest online rice cooker price guaranteed here.
Buy a Kitchenware Big Sharp Rice Cooker. Sharp Rice cooker KSH-D55 Partial lid
Capacity: 5 liter

Automatic warming system Keep warm rice ready to eat all the time.


Handles, handles, switches and stands designed to blend in with the colors.
Inner Coating with: Aluminum Alloy Anodizing rust protection, A Product of Thailand.
Note: Rice cooker color and print design pattern may vary from display.
Made in Thailand

Kitchenware Sharp Rice Cooker model KSH-D55. Rice cooker is an important Kitchenware to cook rice. Sharp Rice cooker KSH-D55 has partial lid with modern & attractive design. Sharp rice cooker is a new designs, modern patterns, thermally-cut fuses cut off as soon as the electrical system inside the pot malfunctions. Its biggest safety feature make Big Sharp Rice cooker more unique.

Rice cooker model: KSH D55
Sharp rice cooker capacity: 5 Liter
Big Rice cooker power consumption: 1,550W
Rice cooker dimensions (LxWxH): 467 x 322 x 411 mm
Sharp cooker weight (kg): 3.5kg
Automatic warm system: keep warmed rice, A Product of Thailand.
Made in Thailand

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MaterialStainless Steel
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