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Healthy Green Pill Bio Vegetable Supplement Tablets All in One - 5 Tablets per sachet

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Don't like to eat Vegetables?

Here is best natural solution for you. If you don't have time and don't like to eat healthy fruit and veggie green vegetables, we have best solution for you to take BioVeggie tablets ie, vegetable pill best veggie supplement.

Veggie supoplement tablets are made from 12 fresh vegetables with minimum or, no loss of natural ingredients to keep its healthy contents preserved.

Each green pill sachet contains 5 tablets and nutrition value equal to 1 bowl of salad.

Best vegetable supplement one sachet (5 Tablets) is enough for approx. one day of requirement.

Best green supplement Pack: 5 tablet per sachet A Product of Thailand.

A GMP and HACCP standrad product.

Made in Thailand

Green pill a Healthy Bio Vegetable tablets from BioVeggie is full of vegetable fiber for your fit mind and body. A best veggie supplement.

Bio Vegetable pill contains

- Vegetable fiber,
- Chlorophyll, 
- Anthocyanin,
- Beten,
- Caroteniod,
- Flavonoids ,
- Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, Folate , Vitamin C, Vitamin K,
- Calcium,
- Potassium,
- Iron,
- Magnesium,
- Manganese etc.

Best green supplement Pack in 5 tablets per sachet Product of Thailand
* Vegetable supplement is made from 100% natural ingredients
* Veggie supplement has no added vitamins (All natural)
* Green pill has natural color, flavour and scent
* Best greens supplement has no chemical residue

A GMP and HACCP standrad product.

Made in Thailand

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