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Collagen with Co-enzyme Q10 Fruit Juice - Starr Infiniti (100 ml)

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"Fresh new production lot direct from source ie, Thailand."
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Ingredients White grape juice 13.00%, red grape juice 11.60%, collagen 5.00%, Maquiberry juice 0.400%, Coenzyme Q10 0.029% no preservatives, no artificial coloring, artificial flavour use Moltitol as sugar.
Product of Thailand.
Collagen with Co-enzyme Q10 Fruit Juice - Starr Infiniti brand. 25% Mixed Fruit Juice Starr Infiniti Mixed With Collagen And Co-Enzyme Q10. "Cosmetic Drink" is the innovative drinks that the result is the same as make-up. - Consisting of 5,000 mg. of collagen extracted into small molecules can be absorbed into the body and help maintain and restore skin cell, and no residue. - With enzyme Q10 is imported from Japan in emulsion form which is effective absorbed than other forms. - Makiberries imported from Chile which rich in anti-oxidants, which are the best. Stimulates the absorption Collagen effectively. - Delicious and easy to drink. *Fresh Starr Infiniti collagen drink 5000 mg and Co-Enzyme koenzym Q 10 of latest production lot via most economical delivery to your doorstep. *Condition apply Product of Thailand.
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